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Boys' East Coast Championships Admission

Spectators will be able to purchase either a one-day pass or a weekend pass to gain entry to the tournament. All passes are delivered electronically through a QR code and each person attending will need to present a photo ID and their own QR code for entry. Passes can be purchases through Sportwrench starting May 15th.

Children 3 & under free, but must be accompanied by an adult at all times. 

All refunds must be requested before Sunday, May 26 at 10:00 pm EST via email.

  • Once a ticket is scanned, it cannot be refunded. 
  • Lost or forgotten tickets can be retrieved with a photo ID
  • An Individual Ticket must be purchased for each spectator.
  • QR Code Tickets may not be shared or transferred.

COVID-19 Agreements & Acknowledgements: All attendees will abide by all COVID-19, event safety and tournament protocols; and acknowledge there are inherent risks associated with COVID-19 and public gatherings of any size.

2024 Play Schedule

All schedules will be available the week of the tournament. Here are the waves so you can know when you will play:

 Greater Richmond Convention Center
403 North 3rd Street, Richmond, VA 23219
AM Wave 16 USA, 16 Open, 15 USA, 15 Open
PM Wave 18 USA, 18 Open, 17 USA, 17 Open, 14 Open, 14 Club
There will be staggered start times for Monday starting at 7:45am


Facility Rules

Greater Richmond Convention Center
403 North 3rd Street
Richmond, VA 23219
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Any individuals who ignore or verbally abuse the security staff will be asked to immediately leave the premises. Please abide the rules and let the tournament be enjoyable for everyone.

For security and business reasons, coolers and food purchased outside the convention center are not permitted anywhere inside the convention center. Lawn chairs, camping chairs or any type of personal chairs are not permitted inside the playing venue of the GRCC. We are asking everyone to use common courtesy with the available seating. Please use the chairs ONLY while the participant you are watching is playing and allow other parents/spectators the same courtesy.

Please feel free to email us a question.


No coolers of any kind, or for any reason are permitted in the Greater Richmond Convention Center. Coolers left inside the building will be removed to the outside of the building. Coolers left outside the building are the sole responsibility of the owner, but may be confiscated if security deems them a hazard. Neither the Richmond Volleyball Club nor the facility will assume any responsibility for coolers or providing a place for them.

Outside Food

No outside food can be brought into the Greater Richmond Convention Center, not even into the lobby. This is a Greater Richmond Convention Center rule that we must enforce as a condition of our contract.

You may view the Convention Center Food Court or Richmond Restaurant Guide for reference.

Lawn Chairs

Lawn chairs or any type of folding chairs are not permitted inside the playing venue. This will assist us in keeping the aisles clear. They are presently still permitted on the carpeted areas of the convention center.
Seating will be provided.


There are parking garages around the Convention Center that will have special weekend rates. Street parking is also available if you can find it. 


Players can be dropped off on the corner of 5th and Marshall Streets. The entrance to the playing venue is on the Marshall Street side of the convention center near the Cyber Cafe.

Visiting Richmond


Yes, there is plenty to do here in the Richmond region, whenever you’re ready. Since we’re such a popular drive-to destination, you can pack up your car, head to one of our carefully cleaned hotels, and explore what’s been named the best river city in the country. Hike through miles of trails. Whitewater raft through the center of our downtown. Bike the Capital Trail, a path that takes you from Richmond to Williamsburg.


National Anthem Auditions

All auditions will be submitted online this year! 


  • Email a 25(sec) clip of yourself singing. 
  • Include your Name & Team name
  • Include a phone number if not submitting by phone
Email Us!