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FINANCIAL GRANTS - Roger Robison Fund

Roger Robison (1938-2004) was a key individual in the forming of RVC back in the early 80’s and served on the first board of directors, along with serving for a second time from 2000-2004. He was passionate about the sport, was a great individual with exceptional character and a genuine personality, and helped make RVC the club it is today.

In 2005, The Roger Robison Fund was established after his death, based on his belief that all Richmond-area youth should be able to play volleyball without having to worry about cost. The fund is a way for RVC and its members to provide financial assistance to young athletes who would not be able to participate without financial assistance.  In 2022-2023, RVC granted more than $65,000 worth of financial assistance to junior players in our Travel program, Virginia Youth Volleyball League, Boys’ Youth Development League, Middle School League, Jumpin’ Juniors, Jump Up, and camps.

In 2022, the purpose of the fund was extended to include support for our increasing outreach efforts with organizations such as Special Olympics, Police Athletic League, local recreation and parks, public schools, NextUp, the Henrico Education Foundation, and more.

Questions? Please contact the RVC office at (804) 358-3000 or email

Recipient Testimonials

"Over the past 2 years, this fund has given our family support and made it possible for our kids to play at levels we could not provide for them before. We are grateful for what this fund has blessed us with and other families like ours who love volleyball and want to see our kids love it too. We are grateful to all who contribute to this cause and when our kids are grown, we plan to continue our volleyball journey and give back to the Robison Fund helping others in the same way we ourselves have been helped." - The Atherholt Family

"This place was like my second family. If I ever needed something, I could go to RVC, and they would help me. My experience playing at RVC has helped me grow as a player, leader, and individual. RVC has also prepared me to play collegiate-level volleyball. I play on Widener University's Men’s Volleyball team and am pursuing an electrical engineering degree. I’m so glad to be part of the RVC family and happy to say it has helped me.” - Kian S., Former Juniors Player