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Our goal is to create a safe environment through access, diversity, and inclusion for a lifetime of community. We aim to reach more individuals each year through partnering with various organizations/causes within the area.

If you or your organization would like to partner with Richmond Volleyball Club in an outreach event, please email

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Robison Fund

In memory of one of our first board of directors, Roger Robison, the Robison Fund was established at the Richmond Volleyball Club in 2005 to carry on his belief of young athletes within the Richmond-area playing volleyball without financial burden.

In 2022, the Robison Fund raised $65,000

The Robison Fund was established as a way for RVC and its members to provide financial assistance to young athletes. Robison Fund recipients are awarded grants based on their program. All applications are due prior to tryouts. If you are awarded a Robison Fund grant it does not solidify your spot on a team.


Recipient Testimonials

"Over the past 2 years, this fund has given our family support and made it possible for our kids to play at levels we could not provide for them before. We are grateful for what this fund has blessed us with and other families like ours who love volleyball and want to see our kids love it too. We are grateful to all who contribute to this cause and when our kids are grown, we plan to continue our volleyball journey and give back to the Robison Fund helping others in the same way we ourselves have been helped." - The Atherholt Family

"This place was like my second family. If I ever needed something, I could go to RVC, and they would help me. My experience playing at RVC has helped me grow as a player, leader, and individual. RVC has also prepared me to play collegiate-level volleyball. I play on Widener University's Men’s Volleyball team and am pursuing an electrical engineering degree. I’m so glad to be part of the RVC family and happy to say it has helped me.” - Kian S.

"Over the past year, RVC has facilitated volleyball fundamentals to over 200 youth and provided summer instruction to our Teen Workforce Program. Because of the generosity of RVC, our teens were given the chance to facilitate volleyball instructions alongside experienced RVC Coaches. We received exceptional feedback from staff, parents and participants about the instruction provided, as well as how impressed all were with RVC staff." - City of Richmond, Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities

Henrico Police Athletic League

During the summer Richmond Volleyball Club provides services to Henrico PAL. This summer we hosted two Henrico PAL events. The Richmond Volleyball Club was awarded significant contribution to the Henrico PAL organization.

Henrico PAL is a non – profit organization within Henrico County which provides activities to the youth within the Henrico community.

RVC Community Outreach

The outreach department has expanded our efforts this year with several new partnerships with organizations within our area;

Henrico Education Foundation, Henrico Parks and Recreation, City of Richmond Parks and Recreation, NextUp, and Chesterfield PAL.

As of 2022, we reached nearly 7000 individuals within the Richmond and Henrico area. Our goal is to reach at least an additional thousand each year.

Thank you to our dedicated members and volunteers who participate in facilitating activities during summer programming.